Looking for Your Order History? Here's How to Find It.

Here is a step-by-step guide to get your order history from Yard Card Supply:

DISCLAIMER: For orders before July 1, 2020, please email customer service contact@yardcardsupply.com

1. Go to www.yardcardsupply.com

2. Click on the Log In Icon below the blog title. This opens up the sign up page.

3. Click on Log in, which is next to Already a member?

4. Click on Log in with Email at the bottom of the page.

5. Enter your email and password, then click Log In

6. Click on Online Store

7. Below Online Store, Click on Track Orders

8. Enter your Email Address again, Click Get Sign-In Link box.

9. A login link has been sent to the email address that you enter.

10. Login into your email address to retrieve the email that was sent you from Yard Card


11. Open the email and Click Sign In, this will take you back to Yard Card Supply’s


12. Under the Online Store, Click on My Account. This will give you access to see your

order history, favorites, and additional account information.

My Account View:

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